Well Camera


The camera is comprised of product system cameras, transmission cables, host control box, optical encoder, electric winches, recording and other equipment, able to capture timely video images of high-tech electronic devices.
This data is a high waterproof, high temperature, durable, but also hassimple operation of a large waterproof etc, provide a reliable base, while clear image, real-time image monitoring, collection, recording, arbitrary zoom, remote and near scene auto focus For a variety of holes, dry holes and clean water data in hole conditions.

There is a unique visual and originality, especially for event handling that is able to show clear images on the hard disk or CD-ROM that can be used in real-time access to very clear color images to recover tracking. The product is mainly used to discriminate the region of fracture development, vertical position and long-term monitoring of the karst hole and other aspects of work, underground TV to determine the division of the hole formation structure, wall cracks and karst formations are used to discriminate situations of an arbitrary angle drilling, horizontal drilling and drilling .

Underground TV repair treatment pore occlusive detection, this can be the actual shot of the body and trunk wall damage and leakage burning in the deep well, etc., and it will be photographed in a clear image using a special cable supporting for it, the falling well objects, the screen is mainly working on breakage breaking.

The product can be clear, accurate, fast, intuitive, clear and accurate to the judge wall abnormalities and location, which is used in the maintenance, maintenance, repair, cleaning of the well. The use of the product for the detection of bad wells from the economic point of analysis can reduce the costs, reduce unnecessary expenditure.