A 1210 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge




A Scan feature allows you to measure thickness without removing insulation material

The thickness gauge gives the results of the thickness measurement digitally or the A-scan signal in two modes as a graphic image.
The A-scan feature allows for the ability to distinguish erroneous results that greatly improve the safety of the inspection, and to provide accurate measurement results for the rapid investigation of foreign materials and lamination in the material and for the measurement of metal thickness in polymeric, varnish, paint and other types of insulating coatings on metal.

The A1210 thickness measuring device provides a comfortable and efficient operation over a wide range.
The wide TFT indicator provides complete visual control with color indicators in the control process.
The magnetic retainer helps to make a comfortable and safe thickness measurement at heights and places that are difficult to reach.

 Patented system for automatic adaptation to surface slope and roughness
 Patented patented for spot measurements, eliminating the blind spot of a single-crystal transducer with thin thickness
automatic correction algorithm

 0.01 or 0.1 mm hardness measurement accuracy
 Measurement in mm or inch units
 Vibrating indicator
 Signal level indicator
 Battery level indicator