Our company provides the services of detection and mapping of all kinds of diameters and types of underground pipe - cable - sewerage - natural gas - energy - fuel - telecommunication etc. with its expert staff and the most advanced technology products.

All lines of metal or A metal are determined without any excavation by means of superior technological devices, depth, route and coordinates are determined and digitized by processing all kinds of digital data.

During the course of your work, your technical staff are trained about infrastructure detection products and methodology, and at the end of the work, technical reports are presented by our company.

In Infrastructure:

-Plastic and PVC pipes
-Concrete Pipes
-Metal pipes
-Cables and wires
-Fiber Optic Lines
-Illegal and unknown connections are detected.
In Building Research:
-Iron reinforcement
-Water infiltration
-Floor and wall thicknesses
-Asphalt layer thicknesses are determined.
In Environmental Research:
-Buried waste drums
-Garbage fields
-Old and unregistered industrial waste areas are identified.

Military Research:
-Embedded weapons are detected.
Archaeological Research:
-Ancient city
-Graves and similar historical remains are found.
Forensic Research:
-Mass grave
-Prison escape tunnels are detected.