UDM 500 Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter



Measurement in diameters between DN6 - DN6000 mm
Portable device
Modern clamp technology
Available for all materials
Precise measurement in low flow conditions
It can be loaded in 10 min.

Multiple 1/0 opportunities (frequency, vibration, analog)
Wall thickness measurement
Temperature sensor
IP 68 Converters
UDM 500 is a portable measuring device designed especially for difficult conditions. The small, lightweight and modern design allows for comfortable working. The UDM 500 can be easily loaded with no interruption to the surface thanks to the non-surface clamp technology. This allows the device to be used at any time and long term measurements.

Two recordable flow channels are stored in a master unit 2. A serial interface between the computer software and the UDM 500 to evaluate and store the information in the internal logger.

Different IP67 or IP68 converters are suitable for pipe diameters between 6-6000 mm and for temperatures between -40º and + 400º.

Together with the main part and other parts, the whole system is delivered with waterproof (IP67) carrier frame in the most durable way.