UDM 300 Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter


Advanced technology ultrasonic flowmeter for highly accurate flow measurements in mobile applications

* Very high measurement accuracy (bidirectional)

Accurate measurement (minimum night flows) even at extremely low flow rates on the line

* Ideal for instant measurements (7 days with additional rechargeable batteries)

* Successful even in the toughest pipe material (reinforced concrete pipes)

* Sensors with IP68 protection

(Test conditions: 3 months / 2 bar)


The UDM300 is extremely robust and is a very easy-to-operate device for monitoring instant streams.

The sensors are mounted on the outer wall without puncturing the pipe in a few minutes, the recorded instant data is very high accuracy.

Standard 1 MHz sensors make quality measurements even in the most demanding pipes (reinforced glass-fiber

plastic or reinforced concrete).

We offer extremely powerful 0.5 MHz sensors as an option for pipe diameters up to 3,100 mm. The UDM 300 is ideal for bi-directional measurement and very low flow rates.

It is an ideal device for identifying potential leaks using volume comparisons. The UDM 300 is also used to determine the minimum night flow in isolated areas (DMA) because of its high resolution in the very low flow range.

The optional rechargeable battery chamber provides an extended measurement option to be made in the field, allowing the UDM 300 to run continuously for up to a week.

The high degree of protection of the sensors (IP 68) and the amplified sensor cables (IP 67) together with the converter and UDM 300 make it ideal for harsh operating conditions.

Manufactured in Germany and CE certified, the UDM 300 combines robust design and ease of use with advanced ultrasonic technology.