Sebalog P-3 Hydrant Pressure Recorder



Sebalog P-3 Hydrant Pressure Measurement and Recorder

Sebalog P-3 is a pressure recorder especially developed for drinking water needs of water suppliers. This is used for stationary installations for pressure monitoring and for short and long-term measurements to determine pressure fluctuations.

Thanks to its small size, the Sebalog P-3 easily fits all underground valves, taps and hydrants. Depending on the application, the recorder can be added with additional adapters (eg STORZ or BS) for easy attachment. This connection provides flexible use for any logger.



Ideal for pressure fluctuation measurements
Freely adaptable for all connection types
High precision pressure sensor
Large data memory
Air intake valve
Wireless data transfer
Radio interface for mobile data collection and wireless programming: RI + LOG

Portable GSM Data Transmitter Sebalog N-3 and for P-3: Suitable for Product, Sebalog GSM Transmitter 3 GT-3