MUT 2500 Electromagnetic Flowmeter




The MUT 2200EL and MUT2500 EL were developed for water flow and process application.

EL = Extended Linearity: a new structure for the generation of magnetic field, the innovative route of the signal produced by the electrodes, provides a sensor with an extremely wide measuring range.

This new sensors series follows the successful tradition of MUT 2200/2500, introducing a measurement range of more than 1: 1000 without linearization software.
These kinds of performances allow for very accurate measures to count the low flow rates that would have been reset of the effects of the cutoff converters, because they were in a wide flow range and prior to.

It bases its activities on the principle of Faraday, by wich the conductor pependicularly creates a potential for the same area, while the series of flanged sensors passes the magnetic field. In this case the flow pipe made of stainless steel is equipped with AISI 304 stainless steel, carbon or flange, two coils are installed at the top and bottom; The magnetic field produced by the current passed through the coil causes potential electrodes in proportion to the flow rate.

In order to measure this potential at very low values, the internal flow of the flow pipe is isolated, so that the contact with the material of the liquid flow pipe is also no longer contact with it.
The available potential of the converter coil used generates the signal to calculate the flow rate of the electrodes of the process, generates the signal and manages the external communication.
When the reserved version is installed, the entire sensor has an IP68 degree of protection suitable for permanent immersion in the water to a depth of 1.5 m, thanks to a weld plate structure containing the coil and electrode.