MUT 2100 Electromagnetic Flowmeter



The MUT2100EL sensors represent the latest technology of the EUROMAG product range for the water cycle.

The sensor is also available with IP67 and IP 68 suitable for permanent immersion in water up to a depth of 1.5m.
Rilsan® coating is stable first application and environmentally friendly.

It protects metal parts with chemical protection against corrosion and offers unique advantages:
water, waste water, sea water
hydrocarbons, solvents and many chemical products.

This standard meets the requirements of BSI WIS 4-52-01, KIWA BRL K759-01 and UL 1091.

The main features are:
low permeability to moisture
high thermal resistance
vibrations absorption
Outstanding wear resistance
Liquid flow facilitates outstanding shock resistance and extremely low coefficient of friction
high flexibilty.
The maximum liquid temperature is 80 ° C.