vLoc DM2 Pipeline Error Detector

(Isolated Detector and Current Mapper)



Cathodic protection (CP) is used to protect the lines against corrosion in the pipelines and the protective coating.

To increase the effectiveness of cathodic protection and reduce current leakage, corrosion engineers try to reduce coating defects.

The vLocDM2 (damage mapper) has been designed for:

Detection of pipe insulation defects
Determination of short-circuit contact with other infrastructure networks
To help identify the types of errors
Helping to prioritize and plan emergency work
Determination of routes and depth of long-distance pipelines
vLocDM2 draws a low frequency (3Hz or 4Hz) current profile with the latest improved location and signal processor technology. The effect is minimized by applying the current through Cathodic Protection points.

The profile current can be given from any cathodic protection point, then the measurements are collected at the receiver of vLoc DM.

The results are ready to be processed in real-time on the color display of vLoc DM or any place after the measurement, whether in graphical or data format.

To work with various analysis programs (red box, tri-global etc ...)
vMapper Pro external GPS / Data storage tool
Connection with external devices via Bluetooth
Real-time graphical display of stored data on the device
USB port
Cable and pipe detection modes
A-frame for ACVG measurement and fault detection (optional)

Ability to work at different frequencies
Continuous operation at different frequencies determined by the user
Distance measurement to the last measurement point in real time
Signal direction detection
Loc-150Tx, 150W transmitter (vLocDM2 transmitter) is used to apply current signal to the anode bearings. The pipeline coating sends back insulation errors to the transmitter as a signal. The AC or external battery is designed to receive power from the transmitter cathodic protection stations.

Non-destructive measuring device, the vLocDM2 receiver takes measurements along the pipeline and displays its results directly on the receiver display. It does not need additional imaging and recording devices. All information is displayed on the screen and saved in the receiver and then evaluated in the analysis programs.

The system has a GPS antenna with +/- 3m accuracy. This antenna is connected with Bluetooth with the vLocDM2 transmitter. GPS transfers real-time current value graphs allows the user to return to a point of interest on the chart. This system is called the ’’ backward ’system. available in the system. The system can also be connected with highly accurate GPS, for example: Trimble and TriGlobal Inc. As.

The storage of the results obtained for comparison tests provides advantages in terms of the operating technique. Engineers compare the results of previous inspections in the same pipeline with new ones and easily identify the differences in cathodic protection.

By using the A-frame attachment, the position of the faulty locations is precisely determined. The signal strength, characteristic graphical shape and arrows on the screen of the receiver display the fault location to the user easily and accurately. This minimizes incorrect detection.