Electronic markers are the system that provides the most accurate, optimum and longest-term marking of the underground networks (sewage, drinking water, power lines, fiber optic, oil pipelines, natural gas lines).


Electronic markers retain their characteristics without undergoing any deformation in the underground, which does not require passive energy to mark the locations of embedded infrastructures and to be used in point detection of the places that are marked later.

They emit the signal in all directions and spherically.
Does not require an energy source or battery
It can be placed on a random line.
Made of polyurethane, light and durable.
It is detected in a wide area and the signal reflecting radius is 1.5 m.
The color and frequencies are in accordance with the international standard and can be detected by all underground detectors.
usage areas

Joints of networks
Underground service and branch points
At the end of the lines
Infrastructure transitions
Sewerage and drinking water lines
Natural gas and oil pipelines
Fiber optic and power lines
Determining the repair points