Seba Dictionary

ABS Acrylonitrile Butadiene styrene or abbreviated name ABS, (chemical formula (C8H8 • C4H6 • C3H3N) x) is a light and hard plastic commonly used in molded products.
 Axis means Axis. At the same time, in a carrier system, the hypothetical line passing through the center of the same structural elements (eg, column) does not need to pass through the center, but in the case of necessity, it can be played as in the eccentric basic example.

arc The phase between phase to earth or phase to phase is the sparking arc that emerges during the short circuit of the electric current from one direction to the other and at the end of the jump distance.

The flow rate is the volume of fluid flowing through any cross section of the path through which a fluid passes.

Ethane Etan is a compound of formula C 2 H 6. Etan, the second smallest molecule of alkanes, is an odorless and colorless gas at normal temperature and pressure. Etan is the second most common gas in methane after methane.

optimum The conditions required for the realization of a reaction are the best.

A frame An auxiliary accessory used to detect point fault location in electrical, telecommunications and other shielded cables without the need for excavation or damage during excavation.

Acoustics or Phonology is a science that studies sound. Examines the physical properties of wave propagation in solid, liquid or gaseous materials. These include the control of vibrations and noise that cause noise.

bar graph A bar graph or bar graph is a table that generates rectangular bars with proportional lengths that are proportional to the values ​​represented. The bars can be drawn vertically or horizontally. Vertical bar charts are sometimes also referred to as bar graphs.

wall External surface is the word used for the wall

CPS Cathodic Protection Signal (CPS) is a technique used to control the corrosion of the metal surface by making a cathode of an electrochemical cell.

detector The sensor or sensor is the name given to the sensory organs of the automatic control systems.

Determinant The determinant is a special number associated with a square matrix. The determinant of an A matrix is ​​shown as det (A) or det A. Another illustration is the vertical line pairing between the matrix elements.

DN (Diameter Nominal) In North America, high or low pressure and temperature standard size pipes are called Nominal Pipe Size (NPS). The equivalent of this standard in Europe is Nominal Diameter (DN) and is defined in mm.

Electromagnetic force is the force acting on the passage of a charged particle through the magnetic field.

to delete, to destroy, to leave behind, to have the meaning of the word is like.

impedance The resistance shown by the line in alternating current systems

inductive electrical circuits, ohmic, capacitive, inductive property shows. If the AC (alternating voltage) is applied to a circuit, the current passing through the circuit; If the voltage is behind the voltage, the circuit is inductive.

Interference In addition to the signal to be communicated in communication, the transmission of other unwanted products may also occur for two reasons.

ergonomic means useful to work, convenient to use, convenient to use.

wall thickness The difference between the outer diameter and the inner diameter is called the difference in millimeters. Thickness of pipe material.

frequency The frequency or number of vibrations is a measure of how many times an event is repeated in unit time (typically 1 second).

Inducing a magnetism or electric effect on an object with an electrically or magnetically close to another object.

inverter Power inverter - The inverter is an electrical transducer that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).

IP54 Protected against dust and protected against splash water.

IP66 Dust-proof and protected from intense water jet sprayed from all directions.

IP67 Dust-proof and protected against the effects of temporary water immersion.

IP68 Dustproof and protected against the effects of dewatering.

Insulation Insulation is the reduction of the energy flow out of the environment by using any insulation material.

joystick Tool to guide the tool.

Cable TV A multi-channel TV system with high image and sound quality over a large number of domestic and international television and radio channels, fiber-optic and coaxial cable networks.

calibration is the process of measuring the accuracy of any other test / measuring instrument or system by using a reference measurement standard or measurement system which is sure to be correct under certain conditions and conditions, determining the deviations and reporting them.

coupling A machine part used to convey a movement to other equipment.

kinematics is a part of the mechanics that examines movement without considering its causes and effects.

coaxial cable This is a type of cable made of thick copper insulated, which allows the transfer of large volumes of data at a speed range of 56kb / s - 200mb / s.

converter It is the device that controls the electrical energy and converts the energy in the form of any current into other current shapes.

correlation The sample correlation coefficient can be explained as the cosine value of vectors representing two random variables X and Y.

Corrosion or wear of metal or metal alloys by oxidation or other chemical effects.

lift This is the camera lift which can be controlled remotely, especially in camera systems, which can be controlled remotely.

sleeve A special fastener used to attach two pipes to the tip. pipe ends are inserted into the sleeve.

multimeter It is called the tool to measure current, voltage (voltage) and resistance values.

The nozzle is a part with small nozzles which are used to change the direction of the fluid passing through the pipes or tubes, to increase the speed, to increase the pressure or to control the fluid.

Optimization To bring a situation to the best conditions in a positive and negative direction, to create a benefit, to try to get the most efficiency and to help keep it in balance in maximum efficiency.

interference means noise in the electronics. It is the name given to the unwanted signals that are mixed in the information signal to be transmitted.

passive avoidance It is an electronic architecture that will passively protect the effects of high voltage lines and prevent the damage and act as protected by the active effect.

platform Formation, movement, mechanism, environment etc. to realize a common purpose of information or with similar information. the names they create.

pneumatic air pressure control.

Propagation Generally, it means the time from the beginning of transmission until it reaches the target.

Pulse is the amount of instant pulse applied within a unit time.

gearbox Reducer is a gear system that changes the speed-to-torque ratio of a rotational movement with the help of gears.

Sophisticated sophisticated, advanced features, complicated.

survey To scan or inspect a complete system with the necessary equipment and equipment.

It is a Turkish word which means "Featured".

Drum Cable or fiber guide etc. It is an oval roller assembly made of metal or hard plastic which can be gathered together in materials, easy to use and easy to carry.

No resistance to tolerance is not perfect. There are some losses of almost every resistance. These calculations are made by accepting the losses. These accepted losses are called tolerance.
torque The torque or torque is the effect that an object rotates about an axis. This effect is proportional to the distance to the axis of rotation and the force that provides rotation.

trasformer It is a static electricity device that transmits energy with an inductive connection between a transformer circuit circuit. In the main winding, a changing current transformer core forms a variable magnetic flux in this way along a varying magnetic flux and secondary winding. This induces an electromotive force (EMF) or voltage varying in the changing magnetic flux secondary winding. Transformers can be used to isolate the circuits, or both, or the relative voltage of the circuits

triband An electronic device (eg mobile phone) which can operate in three frequency bands.

crane Special construction equipment with wheels, which enables large workshop buyers to make any kind of motion easily.

viscosity Viscosity or viscosity, resistance to viscosity. Viscosity is a measure of the resistance of a fluid to deformation under surface tension.