About Us

Common Point of Experience and Superior Quality Understanding

    SebaTEKNIK, with the power of the most important manufacturers in the industry, young, dynamic and professional staff is established to be a pioneer in the industry with the professional staff.


    Turkey Our company is the sole representative of the German company sebakmt. Our company main activity topics; detection of underground lines, detection of underground cable and pipe routes, infrastructure digitization, water loss and leakage, detection of gas leakages, detection of pipeline isolation fault location, detection of underground lost manhole, cover, valves and loops, detection of cable fault location, channel procurement, sales and marketing of technological products, consultancy, training, field application, engineering, and pipeline imaging and rehabilitation, horizontal drilling routing, flow rate measurement, pressure measurement systems, hydraulic modeling, engineering and consultancy contract work. Our company in Turkey and abroad the products of the manufacturers is representative of sales, besides marketing activities, all kinds of services related to all products it sells, field applications, consulting, after-sale training, periodic training, maintenance and repair services also engages with specialized personnel in the unit itself . The most important feature of our company distinguishing it from its competitors in the sector is that all management and employee staff are the users of the products that they know and know very well about the site conditions. The whole structure of our company has been established for many years in the sector with important tasks, many important projects have been brought together with a team of professional staff.