Channel / Pipe Frequency Probes




Compass with direction indicator for fast and accurate detection of cameras and probes
Continuous depth measurement
Direction indicator compass for cable and pipe detection
Color screen not affected by sun and light
vLocCam2 is the most advanced product for detecting locations and depths of probes and cameras.
The compass system with directional display allows the cameras and probes to be found very quickly and easily.
The large color display can be read directly in direct sunlight. Easy to access.
The frequency range detects all available cameras and probes on the market. After detection, the device can detect in cables and pipes using passive mode.
With the vLocCam2 detector, your location problems are easily solved.

It provides fast and accurate detection of compass cameras and probes with directional display, depth measurement is done continuously or by pressing a button, passive frequencies are protected during excavation by pipe and cable detection, light weight, large LCD screen is clear even in sunlight, it automatically performs sensitivity control.


The imaging cameras emit signals that are active frequency to the transmitters on them. VLocCam2 detects these signals and precisely detects the depth and location of the camera.


Using a compass with a direction indicator, the probe is found as fast and sensitive.

Step: Follow the screen so the compass always shows 12 o'clock. The detector will take you to the probe.
step: The '' - '' button is used to start the automatic setting. When you are directly above the end, vLocCam2 shows the highest value on the screen.
Step: The depth of the probe can be made by continuously pressing the button for visible depth measurement on the screen.

SebaKMT channel probes work with batteries. It is used to locate channels and bottlenecks by connecting to the guiding guides.