The VM-585 is a combination of the popular VM-550 utility locator with the added benefit of a built in Ferrous Metal Detector. This makes it ideal for locating short distance runs such as service drops and to detect buried ferrous metal objects such as buried valve box covers, buried tanks, and manhole covers.

The advanced filtering of the VM-585‘s metal detector rejects materials such as bottle caps and aluminum cans and zeros in on finding only ferrous materials. The manual gain control allows it to be controlled and able to work close to large metal objects such as automobiles and chain link fences while still looking for the targets underground. The VM-585 will locate through asphalt, concrete, or grass and in temporary conditions such as snow.

Gone are the days of needing two different instruments to locate utilities and valve box covers. The combination VM-585 will do both in one compact lightweight kit. Expand the range of the VM-585 to detect the presence of ground to sheath faults on cables by adding the optional VM-510 Stand Alone A-Frame fault locator.


Key Features

  • Passive Power locate mode
  • Submersible carbon tube
  • Pushbutton depth of cover estimation
  • Metal Detector with advanced filtering
  • One induction and three direct connect frequencies